5 Values My Son Helped Me Rediscover

In every man’s life there are points that represent major milestones. Those are the times when you have realized or achieved something big. It could be acquiring a degree, buying your first house or having your first child.

I still remember the day my son was born at round 7 a.m. just a little more than seven years ago. As emotional and memorable that first half an hour was,  the real feelings of becoming a dad took some time to sink in.

Over the months and years that followed, it was becoming clear to me that I’m rediscovering life through my son. Here are 5 of the things that he taught me over time.

1- It pays off to be stubborn

If you have ever seen a toddler making a big scene in a mall in order to get their parents to do something they want, while the parents are left with no choice but to comply, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

A closer look at that always reminded me with a trait that fades away and eventually gets forgotten over time. That is perseverance and stubborness towards achieving your goals regardless of who’s looking or who might be criticizing, praising or even hating you for your success.

2- Growing is Fun

As adults who are living in today’s world it is natural that we become haunted with our daily routine that keeps us within the vicious circle of chasing bills and keeping food on the table. We simply forget to have fun in the process.

Luckily, our children do not. In fact, they grow through playing and having fun in almost everything they do. This in turn led me to a very important observation. If my son is growing by having fun, shouldn’t I also keep growing the same way.

3- Lose the instruction manual

How many times have you bought a toy  for your child and noticed that he’s reading what is written on the box before he uses the toy? Probably the answer is never.

My son is no exception, the second he gets his hands on a new toy, he’s already playing with it. The amazing observation I got out of that was that he would come up ways to use that toy that was probably not intended by the manufacturer to begin with. What did that tell me?

Yes, instruction manuals are good, however we should always allow ourselves to experiment with standard things around us in a totally non-standard ways. What your child is naturally doing with each new toy he manages to convince you to buy for him or her are simply seeds of creativity being nourished in their growing brains so, let’s not deprive ourselves the right to become creative by simply exploring different ways of doing things.

4- Some friendly competition is good

Have you ever noticed when your son or daughter is happy the most as they play?

It is when they get involved in competition with you or with other children. Unless your child is a rare case of uniquness, he/she is like my son (always want to do anything as a competition). It could be who ran faster between the two big trees at the park, who got to the elevator first, or who fastened their seat belt before everybody else in the car.

Wait a minute, he’s starting to beat me, his father, in some of those activities, and, why?

Because friendly competition is good. Lesson learned little champ.

5- Only 2 modes allowed

Another important observation (I’m sure you had it too), is that your child has only two modes in his or her day. They are either at their peak activity or they’re asleep. They simply play to the fullest and when it’s time for their body to rest they just collapse.

Now, I’m not a doctor, but I know enough to recognize those two modes as the healthy approach to growing and living life. The lesson learned here is very clear. When we work, we should always give it our highest level of involvement and effort and when we take breaks they should be completely stress free.

Those are the main five things I learned by watching my son grow. I will be sure to continue watching and learning from this little champ as long as I can. God bless you for all the help my son.

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